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I want to put something here; a beginning of sorts.  Something that signifies a starting point and aptly represents  why I'm here in the first place and why you should want to be a repeat visitor in my virtual lair, my Voodoo Lounge. I've been writing stories for as long as  can recall, since at least grade two where memories of reading my stories of gingerbread men escaping their capter and dinsasours taking care of bullies to other classrooms will always remain vivid, yet I'm not sure where to start.   I've been focusing on dark culture journalism for about the past eleven years, interviewing and reveiwiing some of the best talents in film and literature that this dark thing of our's has to offer, and yet I still don't know how to start. All i know is this:  I must start.  It was a long hiatus of not writing and enjoying life's little obstacles and curve balls and essentially living in a non-writting world as I went off to get married and have a family