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LADIES NIGHT: A Free Jack Ketchum Audio Sample

Happy holidays to all!  Despite all the rumors I'm not dead yet.  Between dealing with the aftermath of a minor car accident, being sick and everything in between, I've been keeping a pretty low profile.  Thank you to all who have been continuing to visit Dark Bites despite the absence of new material.  You guys have kept a smile on my face and I have some pretty awesome things planned for the near future.  Lots of reviews and interviews lined up with your favourate authors and film makers as well as some other cool things in the works that I just can't speak of right now. Until then, and as my way of saying thanks to you all, here is an audio sample of Jack Ketchum's Ladies Night, perfectly narrated by the excellent Anthony Mendez.  A special thanks to David Niall Wilson for providing me with the sample.  Once you've enjoyed the teaser, you'll do well to check out the good stuff David's got for you over at Cross Roads Press .  It's David's sole m

13 (or so) Terrible Questions: Live audio with Jack Ketchum

Jack Ketchum has been long touted by Stephen King as the scariest guy in America. But chances are if you're reading this then you already know. This interview dates back about four years ago and I am happy to say that it still stands well as a thorough insight into this master of horror's body of literary and cinematic work. Although previously edited and published for Dark Scribe Press, this streaming audio version allows for a raw experience and a few bits not included in the originally published interview. It's time for me to stand out of the way so you can click down below and listen in as Ketchum and I enjoy some drinks over conversation of his worst regrets, what scares him, and an ultimate tour of his dwellings and dark muse. Stay tuned as I will soon be posting some additional Ketchum goodies for you all to enjoy.  And as always stay hungry....and stay dark.