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A Tribute To Jack Ketchum R.I.P.

It might be a slight exaggeration to say I wouldn’t be the passionate reviewer and interviewer I am today had it not been for crossing paths with Jack Ketchum. Then again, maybe not. His only supernatural novel,  She Wakes , was the first book I ever reviewed. The author was the first pro writer I ever interviewed. That seems like a long time ago though sometimes it doesn’t. When I read of his passing via social media last week, it was as though one of his fictitious human monsters had hit me square in the gut. I knew he had battled cancer in the past and was undergoing treatment again, but… I was struck. My first encounter with Ketchum was from when I was writing for a now defunct little publication called Insidious Reflections. Long story short, I volunteered to check out an equally now defunct online horror forum called The Red Light District where Ketchum was doing a Q&A session. This lead to me getting tasked to interview him for an upcoming issue of IR.  I remember p