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A LIGHT BEYOND Steve Wedel Moon Howler Press June, 2017 Reviewed by Rick Hipson Deciding to take publishing matters into his own hands, author, Steven E. Wedel , recently launched his own publishing house called Moon Howler Press. MHP hosts a library of titles showcasing the author’s cross genre appeal, with A LIGHT BEYOND being one of the newest additions and, coincidentally, the one I’m reviewing for you now. While easily labeled a coming of age story, it would be an overly simplistic way to describe a story that is much more than its relatively short length might have you believe. While A LIGHT BEYOND employs several unapologetic strokes of terror and general discomfort to make you cringe and squirm, its also apt to have you pondering the implications of any past transgressions you may have of your own long after the last page in the book has been read. The true beauty of A LIGHT BEYOND is found within the relationship between young Robert and Alia, his o

A LIGHT BEYOND by Steve Wedel now available for FREE on Kindle until July 5th

Whether you're a long time fan of his work or only now just stumbling across  author, Steven E. Wedel , for the first time this is the perfect opportunity to snag yourself a copy of one of his newest books, A LIGHT BEYOND. SYNOPSIS: SUMMER OF LOVE Something magical happened in the summer of 1978. Thirteen-year-old Robert Prince fell in love with Alia, a mysterious older woman who lived down the street. SUMMER OF HORROR Something horrible and deadly happened between Robert, Alia, and his friends Scott and Tim. Something that would leave Robert scarred for the rest of his life. LIFETIME OF PAIN Unable to forgive himself or to love anyone else after what happened when he was thirteen, Robert sinks into a world of masochism and despair, seeking redemption for the sins of his past Watch this blog for a review of  A LIGHT BEYOND plus a DARK BITE exclusive audio interview with the author coming to these pages soon  Until then, fellow readers be sure to stay hung