July 03, 2017


Steve Wedel
Moon Howler Press
June, 2017
Reviewed by Rick Hipson

Deciding to take publishing matters into his own hands, author, Steven E. Wedel, recently launched his own publishing house called Moon Howler Press. MHP hosts a library of titles showcasing the author’s cross genre appeal, with A LIGHT BEYOND being one of the newest additions and, coincidentally, the one I’m reviewing for you now.

While easily labeled a coming of age story, it would be an overly simplistic way to describe a story that is much more than its relatively short length might have you believe. While A LIGHT BEYOND employs several unapologetic strokes of terror and general discomfort to make you cringe and squirm, its also apt to have you pondering the implications of any past transgressions you may have of your own long after the last page in the book has been read.

The true beauty of A LIGHT BEYOND is found within the relationship between young Robert and Alia, his older, sexy neighbour from when he was a child. No matter how tough things got for him like when his folks used to fight or the bullies got another win on him or even when several years later things got far worse, Alia and memories of her were a beacon during the darkest of time.
A LIGHT BEYOND explores various facets of love, hope, despair and the consequences of ruining anything of value that tries to get close. The nature of Steve’s writing bonds us to his characters in such a way that by the time we reach the final chapter, we’re forced to look inside ourselves much like Robert is forced to search his own soul. Once read, it’s hard not to feel a lingering multitude of emotions from what you’ve just experienced.

To say much more about A LIGHT BEYOND would make me feel as though I were cheating you out of the full experience of enjoying the ride with as little knowledge and assumptions going in as possible. Hopefully, that doesn’t make this a crappy review. Either way, I‘m sure you’ll thank me later if you’re not already too busy catching up on the latest creations  from Steve Wedel and
Moon Howler Press.

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