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Reviewing THE RESURRECTIONIST By Wrath James White

THE RESSURECTIONIST Dorchester Publication, 2009 By Wrath James White **Warning: The following review contains some plot points which are key to the over all story. ** You might be wondering why I’m bothering to review a book some eight years past its initial publication date. It really boils down to me not wanting you to make the same mistake I did and leave this little meat grinder of a novel on your shelf any longer than you must, and I’m here to tell you why. Wrath James White wastes no time getting to work on what he does best and quickly introduces us to a domestically troubled household where we bare witness to a young boy watching his father rape, torture and murder his mother. We watch as young Dale does what any little boy who has just watched his mother get brutally killed by his dad would do; he tries to resuscitate his mom even as her innards spill from her body. When his mom surprises him by actually coming back to life, fully healed and all put back to