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HELL NOTES IS BORN BAD - A book review

In case you missed it, or are sadly oblivious to the many great reviews available at Hell Notes , here's a link to a recent book review written by your's truly: Barry Hoffman's Born Bad in review. For more great stories from Barry Hoffman, or other rare collectibles from his award winning publication company, Gauntlet Press, check out his home page HERE. Stayed tuned for a future interview with Barry Hoffman, coming eventually to a dark corner near you. 

Debbie Rochon joins DRY BONES

Igor's Lab has just announced a change of casting for DRY BONES, the horror/comedy I discussed with screen writer, co-directer and co-producer Gregory Lamberson HERE. You can read the scoop by clicking Igor's Lab where you can also check out some great stills from the film. Debbie is a well known actor in the horror film industry and has previously collaborated with Greg on his film, Slime City Massacre. Stay tuned as at the end of next month, I travel to the set of DRY BONES and will be reporting first hand what I see, provided I survive the succubus and the horrors she hides.

Announcing Clive Barker's First Official Store: Now Open For Business

Cenobites, unite!  Clive Barker has recently announced the launching of his first official Clive Barker store. This from his Facebook page: "At long last, I'm happy to report that the first official Clive Barker Store is open for business at The store proudly features items from personal and private inventory.  You can find museum quality prints, posters, books both rare editions and new, toys, jewelry and much more to come.  If you have nay suggestions for things you would like to see us create for you, tell us. Stop by, take a look, and sign up for the newsletter to hear about new items, contests and all the latest news." You can also follow Clive's new store via Twitter: @realcbstore

The Next Big Thing

Let me start off by saying I don't typically do these chain letter survey things.  In fact, I generally do not like them and find them to be  waste of time.  That said, when my friend, Steve Wedel , was kind enough to have thought of me as his next in line to keep this particular one going, how could I say no?  I couldn't because Steve has been a long time supporter of my writing and has always given me his time when I asked for it.  And, rumor has it the man can grow a little long in the tooth and form a blood hungry appetite under the right conditions and one shouldn't mess with that, so, after putting this off for way too long, here goes. Oh, and it seems this survey is meant for book writers and since I don't have a book under way (just plenty of shorts and other smaller projects) for the sake of this survey, I will be referring to my Dark Bites blog.. THE NEXT BIG THING What is the working title of your book (site)? Dark Where did the idea

Stranger than Fiction: Human Flesh Capsules

Despite being seemingly translated in maybe not the most coherent fashion (i.e.: "Foreigners outside of Korea .." Where else would they be?)  This certainly sheds some light on how far the human stomach will go to cure what ails them.  Assuming it's not really some kind of voodoo thing. Thanks to my friend, Dragon Don , who lives in Korea and by default comes across some pretty fucked up and unusual things. Click here for the full article.  Not for the weak of squeamish. So, what's the strangest thing you've eaten?