April 12, 2013

Announcing Clive Barker's First Official Store: Now Open For Business

Cenobites, unite!  Clive Barker has recently announced the launching of his first official Clive Barker store.

This from his Facebook page:

"At long last, I'm happy to report that the first official Clive Barker Store is open for business at http://realclivebarker.com/

The store proudly features items from personal and private inventory.  You can find museum quality prints, posters, books both rare editions and new, toys, jewelry and much more to come.  If you have nay suggestions for things you would like to see us create for you, tell us.

Stop by, take a look, and sign up for the newsletter to hear about new items, contests and all the latest news."

You can also follow Clive's new store via Twitter: @realcbstore