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Dark Bite Announces: James Newman Unleashes Animosity To The Masses

Recently, Dark Bites' Friend and fiend, James Newman, Recently, Dark Bites' friend and fiend, James Newman, made the announcement that the paperback/e-book/audio editions of his outstanding novel ANIMOSITY will be re eased in early 2014 by  Permuted Press . Fans of James Newman are abuzz with excitement in anticipation of this paranoia based novel being released to the masses. Currently there are still a few copies of the signed limited hardcover edition available from   Necessary Evil Press. And as if this news wasn't thrilling enough  now you can also watch a fantastic book trailer of Animosity.  James tells me that the ending needs some editing, but by that point, you won't care :) Enjoy, and be sure to mark your calenders for early 2014 when Animosity comes to town everywhere from Permuted Press. And in case you need a little extra prompting and missed it the first time around, here's an old review I wrote from just Animosity was first picked


Or, more accurately, his books get listed.  At long last Brian now has a complete list of all his book titles, categorized by series, non-series, etc for your reading pleasures.  If this doesn't satisfy the completest in you, I don't know what will.  Also very handy for the newly recruited Keene fan who ins't sure what of his to read next. THE COMPLETE LIST Also, for all you Dark Bite movie buffs out there, here's a list of the films based on Brian's written works, which includes completed films as well as those still in development: LIST OF FILMS BASED ON BRIAN'S WORK . What's that?  You're a comic/graphic book fan?  You'll be kept joyfully busy with Brian's complete list of comic and graphic novel work here: BRIAN'S LIST OF COMIC BOOKS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS. Visit Brian's site through any one of the above links for more info what he's up to through his ongoing blog and to to see what he's reading, writing and listenin