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     Hell Notes hosts my first review of the year, which I hope you'll check out before doing yourself a favour and grabbing a copy of Revival to read.  I haven't given King a chance since trying to wade through From a Buick 8 way back when, but let's just say I am a happily revived King fan and can't wait to catch up on some of his other recent books to see what else I may have been missing out on.      As any King fan knows, the man's work switches from the mainstream (Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon) to the deliberately horrific (Carrie, Pet Semetary, Cujo). While Revival veers more towards the former with its subtle depictions of madness and underlying fears, the overall impact will no doubt illicit a horrific response that ought to resonate down your spine until it rattles the entire believe system of whichever existential foundation you subscribe to.      For Jamie Morton, the most important question he had e