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Dark Bites Exclusive: Interview with John Paul Allen

Hi Folks, If you missed it yesterday, check out my review for John Paul Allen's short story from Biting Dog Press , House Guest, which is being showcased over at Horror World - REVIEW - to help bring yourself up to speed with this post. As promised. I sat down with John Paul Allen to ask him a few questions regarding the true story behind his creepy tale, House Guest, what free means to an author, and what to do when a troll tries to sabotage your Amazon presence   I walked away with a lot more than I could have bargained for, so do get comfy and enjoy a a short swim around the murky dark waters of the muse behind the man. Dark Bites: In regards to House Guest, when did you first sit down to write this creepy little story? John Paul Allen - It was around November of 2006 (though the idea came a few months earlier), the same year my wife passed away. That was in February and following the funeral I slithered into a continuous drunk for most of the next ten months.

Horror World Reviews House Guest by John Paul Allen

Happy weekend to all you Dark Bite readers.  I'm pleased to announce that the good and wicked folks at Horror World have just published my first of what I hope to be many reviews for them.  This time out I downloaded John Paul Allen's creepy little gem, House Guest, devoured it at once and offered my take which you can check out at Horror World, HERE. This review was exceptionally important for me to get out there because, as it turns out, some dirty little troll has been up to no good and purposefully attacking John and other writers by posting negative reviews on Amazon and giving the tale undeserved low ratings.  Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions and not everything is for everybody but this is going too far.  Like most writers, John works his ass off to put those words on page and even harder to get read by as many people as possible.  After all, a writers true power is in his readers that he relies on in order to merit more stories and if h

Medallion Press Hosts Live and Interactive Chat With Its Horror Authors

Fellow Dark Bit Readers:  Who wouldn't enjoy an opportunity to dig inside their favourate horror writer's mind to see what makes them tick?  Well, how about a chance to sit right down with them face to face, ask all the burning questions keeping you up at night along with their books in the comfort of your underwear if you so choose without risk of arrest?  Well, now you can, thanks to Medallion Press , but it's probably best to keep your clothes on. Today at 1PM, EST film maker, novelist and my friend, Greg Lamberson (The Jake Helmman Files, Carnage Road, Johnny Gruesome) along with award wining author Ronald Malfi (The Ascent, The Passenger) join forces with technology to provide a completely live, interactive experience for fans and new readers to come together in a casual setting from the comfort of their own home.  Here they will keep the round table open to discuss their most recent and upcoming writing projects including Greg's TREEbook novel, The Julian Year

Armand Rosamilia Makes the Call On Zombie Lit - Here To Stay?

Miami Spy Games Is Zombie Lit Dying? Armand Rosamilia I hope not is my short answer. Obviously, everything goes in cycles and zombies are the hot thing right now, especially with The Walking Dead ruling the television landscape. At some point it will jump the shark and be the next vampire backlash craze. In movies we're already starting to see the lame zombie comedies ( Shaun of The Dead was amazing, but not much more) and mediocre cash-ins about zombies. But what about literature? I'm not only a writer but an avid reader. There are many, many great authors I love to read and look forward to their next book. Authors I've mentioned a million times, but they bear repeating because they put out solid zombie tales: Joe McKinney, Mark Tufo, TW Brown, John O'Brien, Dave Jefferys, Ian Woodhead, etc. I've also run into quite a few other writers that keep putting out new ideas in the zombie subgenre without going over the tried and true 'people of

Hell Notes Reviews Interloper

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  To kick things off nice and easy this week, here's a review of mine recently published by Hell Notes .   Interloper is a prequel to Barry Hoffman's Born Bad series.  It's a fast, mean read so I hope you check it out.  Currently, I'm reading Barry's Stoker nominated first published book in the series, Born Bad , so you can expect an upcoming review of this as well. While we're on the topic of reviews, I am also enjoying some intense "quickies" with John F.D. Taff' s (with all those initials, he must be British, right?) collection of short tales entitled Little Deaths , published by the fine folks at Books of the Dead.  Suffice it to say I am looking forward to completing this and reviewing it along with a short story by John Paul Allen called House Guest that's still swimming around in the murky waters of my brain. Also, as a Dark Bites first, author and dark anarchist in general,  Armand Rosamilia

A Call To Boycott Scrybe Press

Dear Dark Bite readers, I received very sobering e-mail from my friend, Steve Wedel, on December 25th. You may remember Steve from a previous post HERE. Between vacation time and fighting a nagging bug now out of the way, it's time I start to catch up things of importance, like this post. If you're a regular reader of Dark Bites - Thank-you, by the way - then chances are you hate when writers get screwed by publishers as much as I do. I don't care what a publisher's reason is or how justified he or she may think they are for not paying a writer, or any creative artist for that matter, but if you choose to accept and publish any work from any creator, then that creative author deserves to get paid, period. They deserve for you to live up to any payment promises outline in either your submission guidelines or, especially, i an agreed upon binding contract. Sad;ly, Steve is not one of those writers who met with a fair and honest deal and Scrybe Press