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Gifted Trust by John Paul Allen - Interview and book review

I recently had the pleasure of not only reading a fucking fantastic novel that hit all kinds of nerves, but I also had the chance to sit down (virtually speaking) with author John Paul Allen regarding his novel Gifted Trust.  By no means was it an easy novel to read if only because of its brutally honest portrayal of some pretty dark subject matter.   Thanks to the folks at Hell Notes, you can see exactly what I thought of John Paul Allen's first novel with this review HERE. And when you're done checking that out - After ordering or downloading the book, I hope - you can chill out with the author and myself as we discuss the finer points of John Paul's gift to the darker side of the human condition HERE .  Until next time, thanks for reading, and stay dark. For more of John Paul Allen;s muse, you won;t go wrong starting HERE.