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Your Monday Mourning Report #8

Welcome one and all to the latest incarnation of Your Monday Mourning Report in which I dig around the dark webs and return with bones to share at the table for all who enjoy a quick gnaw now and again. Fresh Meat ### Writing As Life by William F. Nolan: Author William F. Nolan has nearly 100 books to his credit including the co-authored smash hit Logan's Run. Now a new collection of his fiction, poetry and essays is coming from Dark Regions Press! Writing as Life includes a brand new essay "The Secret of Writing" by the author and collects many rare writings old and new. Available now for preorder in ebook, trade paperback and signed & numbered limited edition hardcover. Pre-order it HERE!     ### Night Train by Thomas F. Monteleone — First Time in Hardcover, Signed by the Author. One of Monteleone’s most original horror novels. This is the story of the hidden and unknown worlds beneath the streets of the City That Never Sleeps. In the bedrock ben

Reviewing Succulent Prey by Wrath James White

Succulent Prey By Wrath James White PB edition published in 2008 by Leisure Books Succulent Prey is every bit as nasty as the title suggests. It requires its readers to indulge in many a shower as a feeble attempt to rinse off the sexually charged carnage certain to drench those who dare dwell in this book’s insatiable maw. That is Succulent Prey, and this is Wrath James White at his gut-wrenching best. Released in the winter of ‘08, Wrath tells the story of a college kid named Joseph Miles who seems to have it all: a body builder’s physique, rugged good looks resembling superman, and a sexual appetite the envy of all who enlist his willing libido for their own fantasy-based needs. Kidnapped and tortured by a serial rapist as a young boy, Joe can’t get enough physical release to quell the growing hunger burrowed in his gut. With willing lovers from varying walks of kink, Joe’s hunger grows until he begins to see those around him as walking slabs of meat for him to devour i