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A conversation with author and award winning publisher, Barry Hoffman

BarryHoffman is no slouch when it comes to speaking his mind about subjects deemed too taboo by common societal standards. As the publisher of Gauntlet Magazine, he peeled back the corners of “off limits” topics ranging from racial equality to pornography to everything between, all designed to be read and contemplated and learned from. An inner-city school teacher for thirty years, he examined how we develop relationships and co-mingle despite and because of our differences during our most vulnerable and influential early years. With words for weapons, Barry went from kicking down barriers of censorship with Gauntlet Press Magazine to celebrating classic horror authors with his Bram Stoker award wining Gauntlet Press Publication so that writers like Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury and Richard Matheson could get the modern treatment they so deserve. With several critically acclaimed novels of his own to his name, Barry’s stories tend to play host to strong female characters who ar

Reviewing Track of My Tears by author and award winning publisher, Barry Hoffman

Barry Hoffman Track of My Tears Gauntlet Press 2018 With the final words from the last pages only moments behind me, Track of My Tears leaves much to be digested. Across the spectrum of so many moving parts my rolling emotions constitute Barry Hoffman’s most ambitious, gut-wrenching novel to date. Never one to shy away from putting a spotlight on the taboo to better understand it, Barry Hoffman delves into the polarizing subject of date rape without pulling punches were most writers fear throwing them in the first place. The author manages to drive home the chain reaction of anger, shame and frustration following sexual assault with delicate, yet lethal precision while also ensuring due depictions are given to the tremendous courage and caring that goes into the healing process. As much as tragedy is the catalyst for Track of My Tears , Barry keeps a steady focus on the regaining of his character’s lives in the aftermath of their trauma, which separates this book from being j