November 26, 2012

Ask Brian Keene

Hope everyone is enjoying their turkey coma this morning.  Are we comfortable?  Good.  Now get ready for this:

A few days ago I posted a review of Biting Dog Press' limited edition Brian Keen novella  The Resurrection and the Life along with bonus interviews from the author, Dave Dinsmore the publisher and the man behind the extraordinary wood block artistry, George Walker.  You didn't see this?  Have no fear, you can check it out HERE and join the rest of us once you're done.

Okay, now that we are all on the same page, I'll let you in on what Dark Bites has in store.  This Thursday - that's November 29th - at about 8PM EST, I'll be dimming my lights and steeling my nerves as I sit down with multi-award winning horror author Brian Keene who has brought us such wonderful nightmares as The Rising, City of the Dead, Dark Hollow, The Conqueror Worm and a whole lot more than what I can squeeze in this post.

So why should you care when you can just check back here after it's all said and posted?  Because this interview is going down live on Twitter and I want you to be a part of it.  Got a burning question for Brian Keene?  Ever wondered what makes the gears of a master horror master turn?  Want to know the best advice for clawing your way to the top of this game we call writing?  Unburden your curiosities and ask Brian Keene.  Simply post a question - keep it mostly clean, please - and I will select one or two to be asked during our live interview on the 29th.

If you'd like to be a silent fly on the wall, you can follow @BrianKeene and/or @DarkBites (that's me) to be just that.  Please do keep in mind that this won't be an open chat and I must ask that you respectively do not engage in the conversation, though you may feel free to discuss it here in the comments section if you would like, which I encourage.  If you post a question for Brian here while the interview is going on, there's a chance I'll ask it on the fly.

Until then , Dark Bite readers, stay hungry... and stay dark.