November 25, 2012


Hey Dark Biters, hope everyone is having either a great Thanksgiving weekend if you're in the States, or just plain enjoying the weekend getting stuffed on your favourate activities no matter where in the world you are.

Judging by the amount of folks who come to enjoy the stuff I've posted here in the brief time since Dark Bites was brought gnawing and screaming into this world, it's safe to say that you guys, just like me, love a healthy variety of dark culture that stems from many a corner within this universe of ours. Which makes me think you all might enjoy a little something that came across my lap from Brent Iwasa from Japan called Full Metal Orgasm. Think Heavy Metal meets [insert favourate adult magazine here] and that ought to give you an idea of what's I store.  Brent also provides a free preview of half of each previous issue for those that like to try before they buy, which is a rare thing these days so take advantage while you can.  The last link at the bottom will help you do that.

I plan on delving deeper into this project and report my findings here once I've dried off from reading the premier issue. Until then, here you have it:


Full-Metal Orgasm is a sexy and intelligent adult fiction eMagazine for the digital age. Inspired by a multitude of media and figures such as Heavy Metal magazine, Shirow Masamune, ReiQ, Penthouse Comix, Jun Tsukasa, Demitys, Toshio Maeda, Jin-roh, Pop Chaser and Robot Sex Life, it encapsulates the best of otherworldly sex. From stories featuring gynoids to tentacles, transhumans and aliens alike, FMO calls upon new and veteran writers, artists and other creatives to spawn new worlds and new sexual fantasies, without boundaries all downloadable to your favorite device in DRM-free PDF and mobi formats. Available on the Kindle, and for direct sale from the publisher. More information about FUll-Metal Orgasm and their kickstarter project is available HERE

Full-Metal Orgasm is running a pre-order of issue 3 until the end of the month.