November 12, 2012

Steve Wedel: An exclusive live audio interview

I first "met" Steven E. Wedel back in my days of writing for Insidious Reflections magazine (now defunct).  The magazine had interviewed him, but mostly I remembered Steve as being a constant support system and fan of the magazine, which made me instantly like him.  It was a few years later when I was writing for Fear Zone (also defunct, but still available to read at that it was arranged for me to interview Steve.  Since I feel it's neither right or sensible to interview one's subject without first having an in depth knowledge of their work, I dove in and read several of his works including the entire Werewolf Saga books to date.  First impression was how the hell had I gone this long without reading this man's work?  And why wasn't he on any major best sellers list as he so obviously deserves?  The man can write!  I immediately read everything I could by him.  Short stories, novellas, novels - it didn't matter.  Sleep deprivation aside, once any of his tales were begun, they were not easily put down until the last page was turned.  And even then, I found myself always wanting his stories to go on just a little bit more.

I will be posting an in-depth review of his Werewolf Saga books in the near future so I can share this fantastic talent with you.  You'll be happy I did, no doubt.  In the meantime, I hope you  all enjoy this exclusive interview in which I sit down with author, teacher, family man and supporter of this thing our ours, my pal Steve Wedel.  And once you're done checking out the interview  - which is currently only available through Dark Bites or a direct link - come back to enjoy an exclusive sneak teaser of narration from Murdered By Human Wolves, the first of a complete series of upcoming audio books not to mention the tale that launched the Saga.  Oh, and MbHW also happens to be based on true events, adding to the scare factor.

Oh, one last thing.  Do yourself a favour and click this link to purchase your copy of Murdered By Human Wolves, brought to you by Graveside Tales on sale for just eight bucks.

**SPECIAL BONUS** And now, as our way of thanking you all for listening in, please enjoy this teaser narration of upcoming audio book, MURDERED BY HUMAN WOLVES.