November 15, 2012

Quick Bite - A mini review of Ulrik

Steve Wedel
Scrybe Press* 

*(Editor's note:  Due to none payment to author, Scrybe no longer has the right to publisher any books from the werewolf Saga.  Look out for Ulrik in an upcoming new release from Graveside Tales, as previously discussed HERE with the author, Steve Wedel)

When Shara’s son is kidnapped to oblige her 

mentor’s personal agenda, the fur begins to fly in 

this adrenaline-fuelled reinvention of the 

lycanthropic world. Shara must now give in to 

her inner bitch and accept her prophetic role as 

Mother of The Pack or they’re all doomed. Written in a style 

that’s simple, raw, fierce and merciless, Ulrik will seduce 

readers into leaving the path and running with the wolves.