February 14, 2014

Richard Matheson's Leave Yesterday Alone: book review now live

Recently live on Hell Notes is my review of Richard Matheson's final recently unpublished novel Leave Yesterday Alone and Musings.

The novel is a glimpse back to Matheson's early years as a writer and although his health took him away from

For the full review just click HERE.

Musings provides insight into Matheson's private reflections on his work and the world around him.  It's unfortunate that a bad back and declining health kept him away from expanding on his diary, but that will hardly take away from the enjoyment of this newest offering from Gauntlet Press.

Editor of Gauntlet Press, Barry Hoffman, was also kind enough to let me corner him and pick his brain in which he shares his own reflections on working with Mtheson over the year and about the legacy he left behind.  You can check out the interview HERE.

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