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September 06, 2017

~ Exclusive Live  Interview ~

A Streaming Conversation With Author

 Steven E. Wedel

One simply can’t - and damn well shouldn’t - discuss top ranking horror writers, particularly in the world of small press, and not mention Steven E. Wedel. An inner city school teacher by day, a terror of plot and char actors by night, Steve’s breakout series, The Werewolf Saga, all but re-engineered an entire sub-genre. His stand alone books such as Amara’s Prayer, Seven Days In Benevelence, Little Graveyard On The Prairie and more demonstrate the ease at which Steve seems capable of entwining his readers into worlds in which everything is up for fear and contemplation. Steve is one of those rare writers who moves with ease between genres. Whether it's straight ahead horror, western, paranormal or a whimsical young adult book, Steve creates worlds in which escape from the real world is pure pleasure even when forced to question our own morals as we bare witness to the many, often unsettling, possibilities Steve puts before us as only a master of his craft can.  

Steve keeps style lean, mean and straight to the heart within several full length novels, multiple short stories and a handful of novellas, including the one I caught up with him about most recently, A Light Beyond, A Light Beyond is part of a collection of literary works being brought into the world through Steve’s self publishing banner, MoonHowler Press. 

Readers of this blog not yet familiar with Steve’s work, be warned: letting this interview be your first step to catching up on Steve's library of literary creations will likely induce many a sleepless night. Just hope it isn't during a night while the moon is at its fullest. 

Click the play button below and enjoy.

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