Monday Mourning Report #7

Welcome one and all to the latest edition of Your Monday Mourning Report in which I dig around the dark webs and return with bones to share at the table for all who enjoy a quick gnaw now and again.

Fresh Meat


The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter From the Woods by Robert McCammon:
The Wolf’s Hour and The Hunter From the Woods coverFirst published in 1989, The Wolf’s Hour remains one of Robert McCammon’s most indelible creations. Ranging freely and with great authority through realms of history, folklore, and myth, it combines two seemingly disparate genres – the World War II action thriller and the paranormal romance – into a seamless, irresistible whole.

A quick and cheap way to get a feel for what William Meikle’s about as a writer. There are 21 of them now, each 99c in ebook, $3.99 in print, free on KU.


Interrogations CoverInterrogations, by A.J. Brown is up for preorder: Hank Walker woke up in a bed in a survivor camp. He should have been dead, and a short time after that, he should have risen and joined the ranks of the shambling biters—those who have died and come back seeking the flesh of the living. Instead, he woke up alive and in a safe place. Or is it truly safe?

Mad Musings 

Nicholas Kaufmann via FaceBook:
“There's a woman doing yoga in a bikini on the roof outside my office window, so obviously I'm not getting any work done today.”

Ray Garton via FaceBook
“This just in: The FDA has declared Jack in the Box tacos to be an addictive substance.”

Tim Waggoner via Twitter @timwaggoner:
“Sitting down to work some more on THE FOREVER HOUSE. I'm close to the ending and might even finish it today, Darkness willing!”

Lucky McKee via Twitter @LuckyMcKee:
“Look I haven’t done mushrooms since my 20’s but fuck me CATS.”

Web of Fear

If there’s one thing that’s scariest above a else it's our own mortality, in particular, cancer. This time cancer has handpicked author James A. Moore to fuck with and he needs our help to kick its ass. From James’ Go Fund me page: For twenty-five years, James A. Moore has been producing beloved works of horror and fantasy, from his early days with White Wolf Games through his brilliant grimdark fantasy series Seven Forges. Throughout his career, Jim has coached, mentored, inspired, and even threatened literally hundreds of writers to “sit their asses in a chair and write,” to “finish the damn book.” He has a lot of books of his own left to write (including some for which he’s currently on deadline), but at the moment, cancer’s getting in the way, and he needs our help.

For more details on what’s going on with Jim, and to help, please go click HERE! 

Creepshow (2019) - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original Series now available: 

Watch it HERE!

From Greg Lamberson via Face Book: 
Echoes Of Fear is the scariest movie we've ever shown at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (or at Buffalo Screams). That's counting 10 years' worth of film festivals right there. It's a simple "woman in a haunted house" story, but the house is something else, and the jump scares are the best I've seen. You can quote me on that. It's the perfect example of how filmmakers working with a micro budget can make something just as scary as the CONJURING or INSIDIOUS movies. I'm pretty sure Brian Avenet-Bradley, who co-wrote and co-directed with his wife Lo, will be on hand for a Q&A. This sucker should screen in theaters nationwide in October, but since it's an indie flick I doubt that will happen. But if you live in or near Buffalo, this is your chance to see it on a big screen, to jump, scream, and laugh at yourself for jumping and screaming.

THE SPECIAL, a great new horror film bound for cult status, in the vein of BASKET CASE and BRAIN DAMAGE, and with a dose of THE FLY, written by Mark Steenslandand, James Newman, and directed by B. Harrison Smith (DEATH HOUSE). Film Festival Premiere. "Suspecting his wife of infidelity, Jerry follows his friend down a nightmarish rabbit hole into a horror landscape of addiction." 

Watch the trailer HERE! 


Well, my fellow fiends, that wraps up this week's Mourning Report. Stay tuned for next week which is sure to be as rotten as this week's was.

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Until next time, stay dark...stay hungry.


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